This blog started with Jess, and her desire to cook delicious healthy food and blog about it. Ever since she fell ill with a serious case of pregnancy, her desire to cook (and ability to do so without needing a toilet near by) diminished, leaving behind but a few cravings.  It followed that a suite of delicious sugary foods were created to appease her.

Over time, the creating of these delicious foods, and the occasional blogging of them got me somewhat addicted to the whole blogging process. But these foods are not healthy, and so not deserving to bless the pages of Tahini Sauce, and so was born a sister site – same people, different quantities of sugar! We will feature cakes, muffins, cookies and all other kinds of unhealthy delicious foods.

Guests posts are welcome, but only if you have yum food. NO YUCK FOOD ALLOWED! And I’m always keen to expand and try new ideas, especially when it comes to veganising those troublesome puddings. So if you want to challenge me, send me your requests, I look forward to them.


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